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September 28, 2016

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September 27, 2016

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Picture in Sweden dated May 17, 1943

Dear Readers, This picture was taken in Sweden on May 17, 1943 when celebrated by Norwegian refugees on the Norwegian Constitution day. This picture was randomly sent to me. I almost fainted when I recognized that the little girl in the middle of the first row, with black hair and a hat, together with a […]


September 26, 2016

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Book Review from Norwegian American Weekly, an old and well known magazine in Seattle, Washington.

Dear Friends, This book review was written by Sandy Brehl, Author of Odin’s Promise and Bjorn’s Gift.    I  have never been more touched by another person’s response to my family experience, my childhood, and my attempt to describe Norway and the Holocaust, than the comments sent to me by the above person. For that reason […]


May 26, 2016

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Norway Wasn’t Too Small, A Fact-Based Novel about Darkness and Survival – Opening Night!

Norway Wasn’t Too Small, A Fact-Based Novel about Darkness and Survival had its opening event on May 26, 2016 at the Avon Public Library to a very large and interested audience. 75 persons were expected, and 145 showed up! “Irene Levin Berman captivated and inspired a packed house at Avon Public Library this evening sharing […]


May 16, 2016

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A tale of Holocaust darkness and survival… in Norway Click the link above to read the story.  To return to this page, close the Jewish Ledger website and return to the Blog. By Cindy Mindell Irene’s story of life during the settlement of Jews in Norway, the outbreak of WW2 resulting in persecution by Gestapo, deportation and annihilation of almost 40% of the […]


March 27, 2016

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The picture just below show to the right professor Kyle Ward and Kristin Thompson, from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. These two persons were in charge of this successful event held at the Concordia College in Minnesota in March 2016. Above:  The woman in the middle started speaking to Irene together with Karin Stahl, […]


April 27, 2015

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Book Event in Scottsdale, Arizona, April 2015

Another successful event in Scottsdale, Arizona in April 2015. Scottsdale was wonderful, and so was our hostess Phyllis Bergo, Sons of Norway, Desert Fjord Lodge. A large crowd attended and the atmosphere was wonderful. Irene met two Norwegian-born women whose parents had been friendly with two of Irene’s families in Norway. The biggest surprise of […]


January 11, 2014

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The OLD GUARD in West Hartford, Connecticut is a group for retired executive and professional men The following is a letter from H. David Crombie, M.D. that I received after my presentation to the Old Guard On November 19, 2013, Irene Berman gave a one-hour presentation to the Old Guard of West Hartford, Connecticut under […]


October 20, 2013

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Fall 2013 Update

Dear Friends,   I suddenly woke up one morning and realized that we are now writing October. It is hard to believe that I have written nothing on my blog since last November. Where does time go? Did I stop traveling and promoting the book? Is the book “old news”?   Absolutely not! Not in […]


December 12, 2012

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FALL 2012: Where Does The Time Go?

On October 20 I made my first visit to Nashville, Tennessee where I was the guest of The Music City Vikings, Sons of Norway Lodge No. 5-681. It is a relatively new group, with committed and energetic members. They had read about my book on the internet and contacted me directly. About 50 people attended, […]