Dear Readers,

This picture was taken in Sweden on May 17, 1943 when celebrated by Norwegian refugees on the Norwegian Constitution day.


This picture was randomly sent to me. I almost fainted when I recognized that the little girl in the middle of the first row, with black hair and a hat, together with a little boy, also with a hat, represented my brother Leif and myself!!!


The first of the five next paragraphs gives us a slight summary of the book as seen in the eyes of the publisher.  The next four paragraphs were written by personal friends of Irene who were the first ones to express the content of the book in a brief but vital atmosphere.  The four people involved are professional and highly appreciated authors.


In 1940, Norway wasn’t too small for Hitler. By the end of the war, Norway had lost a higher percentage of its Jews than almost any other country in Europe. This story, inspired by and based on the author’s own experience as a Holocaust survivor and growing up Jewish in 1940s Norway, brings readers both young and old into the courageous struggles of one family to survive. Budding artist Rebekka Davidson sketches the soldiers filling the school and streets, while her cousin Harald Rosenberg learns that he’d rather read about Hitler’s politics than experience them. Talented musician Ingrid Rosenberg prepares to go to her dream school while experiencing the wonders of first love—with the nephew of the leader of the local Nazis. Together, the family will do whatever it takes to return to normal life…but will it be enough? Hamilton Books, Publication April 2016


“A story of courage, loss, and dignity in the midst of Norway’s holocaust – told by one who survived it. Norway’s little known story is an essential one for us to learn from, to record, to remember.” Rebecca Makkai, author of Music for Wartime


“Irene Levin Berman’s riveting debut novel, Norway Wasn’t Too Small, is a coming of age tale about a budding young artist caught in the midst of a unique and tragic moment in history. Based on true events, this is the untold story of the Holocaust… It is a moving testament to the courage and resilience of those young people who, despite all odds, held fast to their hope and humanity in the Nazi era. This book will linger in the hearts of readers for years to come.” Mira Bartók, The Memory Palace


“A superb and chilling accounting of the domestic details of two Norwegian families coping with the Nazi invasion. You grow and mature with the teenagers as they recognize the horror they face. Nothing like it! A must read.” Gerry Bamman, actor and writer, “Uncle Frank” in the Home Alone movies.


“This fact-based story of the Holocaust is a compelling educational and literary experience for young readers and adults alike! The vivid reality of daily life in Nazi-occupied Norway, the escapes to Sweden aided by resistance workers, the hospital ploys to save Jewish patients, and the ultimate round up and deportation of Norwegian Jews to death camps are all thrilling and heartbreaking as seen from the perspective of two teens.” Karin Stahl, Writer